Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A whole bunch of Urban Exploration shots to get closer to being caught up.

I've been really lazy about putting anything out on the internet so hopefully this will help me get caught up.

Here are a few from a trip to Corpus Christi - an abandoned oil refinery out in the middle of some farm land.

This is a Atlas 1 nuclear missile silo near Abilene, TX

A grain elevator in Amarillo, TX

 The Falstaff Brewery in Galveston, TX

Some kind of factory in Austin, TX

Army ammunition plant near Waco, TX

From the 33rd floor of the Austonian building downtown Austin, before it was finished.

The Pearl Brewery
San Antonio, TX

Abandoned gas station in East TX

The Lonestar Brewery in San Antonio, TX before they turned it into condos.

An Incinerator in Galveston, TX

The General Tire Plant in Waco, TX

Power Plant in Ft Worth, TX

The Longhorn Quarry in San Antonio, TX

Tunnel underneath Dallas, TX

Eagle Lake Power Plant near Ft Worth, TX

University Steam Tunnels, TX

More to come soon.

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